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Tank already removed ? Then we will repair this. It does not need a new purchase ! Please contact us here


When the fuel tank is 3/4 full or less you hear an annoying rattle inside the tank, during acceleration and braking.


The noise almost disappears with a full tank.

The baffle in the tank may be loose and swinging freely against the inner tank wall, causing this irritating noise.


Most common Solution: Replace the fuel tank

Mercedes dealer workshop estimate: 2.700 EURO - higher in the UK, USA and elsewhere.


In addition, availability of new fuel tanks is extremely limited and delivery can take months.

With us in (Germany - Stuttgart), inclusive VAT 890 Euro ! ! !


Our service station Stuttgart German can solve this problem.

In Mercedes R230 series (SL 350, SL 500 + SL 55 AMG) vehicles a defective baffle inside the fuel tank can occur.

This results in a very loud noise in the rear of the car.


We repair the baffle plate permanently.

The tank is not removed or replaced..

Trouble free, 10 year WARRANTY.

For local repairs in your city please check our special rates.



This site is dedicated to all SL R230 owners, who suddenly experience a rattling noise during startup or braking. The good news: We can help with an immediate and permanent repair, which does not require a new tank.


More good news: Instead of paying in excess of 2.700 Euro for a tank exchange, we can perform repairs for about 890 Euros.

The vehicle must be delivered to Stuttgart with fuel gauge to about Reserve (max. 1/4 full). Repairs are performed while you wait. Please look here for references.


Alternatively, repairs can be performed in your city. Please inquire, as timing and pricing are different in this case.

We provide repair services throughout Europe and USA.

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